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The Aura frame is priced higher than even the best of the competition, at around $300 - but you'll notice immediately where that extra money went. The packaging is very premium and the frame is the most well built and premium looking of any frame i've seen.

It also comes with everything you need to mount it to a wall, and hangs perfectly. When i fitted mine i also drilled a hole into the dry wall to hide the cable completely.

So the frames come in a variety of colors, all of them are based on an alumimum frame with a frosted glass covering. This gives a very appealing look, one that would look good in the most high end homes.

There is no remote for the frame - but you don't need one as the you can use hand gestures infront of the frame to interact with it if required. Swipe right in the air to go back to the last photo or swipe left in the air to go forward and skip the current photo. You may also swipe up to get the photos description and up once more to like a photo.

All of the other interaction with the frame can be achieved with the Aura mobile app for Android or iPhone. This is where you can upload photos to the cloud for display on the frame. You can also add friends or family and post photos to their frames or have them post photos to yours.

There is no need to use USB sticks or memory cards with this frame, everything is stored on the cloud and the frame must be connected to your home wifi network.

So probably the most important on any digital photo frame is the screen. And here the Aura really excels with a 2048x1536 resolution display - that's higher than HD.

The built in motion sensor works well to turn the frame on when you are around and then off again when you leave. I found the brightness sensor to also be spot on and set the screen brightness perfectly so it's easy to see in daylight and not too bright at night when you are relaxing with the lights down.

This is certainly the best screen i've reviewed here but also at a price premium. My only complaints would be lack of support for video, no automatic updating of new Google Photos and no web interface (mobile app only). For some using their PC and a browser will be easier, that's not possible on the Aura. The lack of video may or may not concern you - though for cloud connected frames, none of them currently support videos.

Overall i highly recommend the Aura, it's easily the most beautifully designed and constructed frame and actually fairly priced for what you receive.

Ease of use: 9.0
Value for money: 9.0
Display: 10.0
Score: 9.3
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