NIX Lux 13.3 Inch

with Temperature and Humidity

Feature Support
Cloud Storage
Google Photos
Video Playback
Remote Control
Gesture Control
Motion Sensor
Mobile App
USB Storage
SD Card Storage
Wall Mountable

The Nix Lux 13.3 inch distinguishes itself with a great looking HD 1920 by 1080 pixel screen and a metallic finish to the frame. Beaware that the metallic finish is not real - the metallic finish is made from a brushed acetate film with chrome silver ink.

There is also an optional wood or plain black finish should you prefer that. The Wood finish is an exotic 0.5mm thick Rosewood veneer with a linear quarter-sawn grain pattern created from 100% recycled wood.

The Nix Lux is not a Wifi connected cloud updateable frame. Instead you simply plugin a USB stick or SD card holding your photos and HD videos. The frame lets you playback all media or only videos or photos. The playback of videos is really where the frame excels, you can put hours of video on a 32GB USB stick and have it looped trhough automatically whenever the frame senses movement.

When no one is around the frame automatically switches off, the switch off time can be configured in the settings. You don't need any Wifi or mobile phone to use this frame.

As well as loading it with your own videos - you could of course download some videos to create a relaxing atmosphere - e.g. waterfalls, nature scenes and so forth.

The frame lends itself to bookshelf or table top use, where the cord acts as the stand. You can also purchase a separate wall mount stand for fixing to the wall.

The 1920 by 1080 pixel IPS Display is very good for a digital photo frame. That 16:9 ratio really lends itself to video rather than photos, as most videos will be in 16:9 but your photos may well be 4:3. The frame supports Mpeg4 (.mp4 and .mov) h264 encoded videos.

Ease of use: 9.0
Value for money: 8.5
Display: 10.0
Score: 9.2
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