Nix Signage 24 inch Android Touch Screen

Install and Use Your own Android Apps

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Wall mountable
USB Drive
PC Built In
Android Built In
Cloud Connected
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All-in-one Nix Digital Signage display: delivers all you need to get up and running fast with digital signage. No need to buy a separate media box

Works with any android digital signage application: choose from many digital signage android apps online or use your own customized android app. Just follow the simple installation instructions in the user manual.

Touch Enabled: The high quality display has a wide viewing angle and features capacitive, state of the art ten-point touch capability to maximise ease of use and enable enhanced capabilities in your apps

1080 p (1920 x 1090) Full HD resolution, Ethernet Connection and VESA wall mountable 24/7 dedicated customer support available via phone & email. 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Powered by Android, Nix Digital Signage allows you to install and run an Android Application Package (APK) for any digital signage app available in the market or a custom app that you have built. No matter which industry you belong to: Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Transport, Healthcare, Automotive or Education; or whether your purpose is to educate, inform, advertise, entertain or simply to help people find their way, you can always choose the Signage Software that fits your needs. Designed specifically with scalability in mind, Nix Digital Signage provides a cost effective solution for businesses to start or expand their existing installations for Digital Signage.

Manage multiple Nix Digital Signage displays throughout your dispersed locations from one place. The WiFi and LAN connectivity enables you to take advantage of managing these displays remotely depending on which app you decide to use with it.

Nix Digital Signage features interactive touchscreen capabilities with a 10 multi-point capacitive touch panel. This allows for your apps to take advantage of various possibilities including way finding and interactive menu boards. The touchscreen will allow you to reach your customers with specific interactive information.

One example would be a fast food restaurant providing a list of food and drink choices at for customers to select from and order then pick up from the counter. Or a hairdresser might use a display to help waiting customers choose beauty products and treatments matched to their requirements. A medical clinic could help patients find their way to their appointments by selecting from a list of doctors in the reception area.

With Nix Digital Signage your message can reach customers wherever and whenever you want it to. The USB and SD card slots allow you to display powerful targeted messages in locations that do not have access to WiFi. Maximize impact for your promotions with eye catching and timely messages.

Nix Digital Signage Displays work both in portrait and landscape mode when mounted on the wall.

You will be able to install any Android apps of your choice but be aware that there is no Google Play or Google Play Services installed. This can limit which apps will run - for example those requiring Google Maps may not work.

Ease of use: 7.0
Value for money: 8.0
Display: 7.0
Score: 7.3
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