Lenovo Smart Display 8 inch

Feature Support
Phone calls
Video calls
Act as bluetooth speaker
View Camera Feed
Motion Sensor
Nest compatible
Philips Hue
Stream Music

So these new Google Smart Displays could be confused for Android tablets by the average consumer but they run a different operating system called Android Thing and don't have any of the familar Android UI. Instead of using a launcher, installing apps from Google Play and so on you can only control the Google Smart Displays with voice. Once you've initiated your request with voice you can go ahead and use the touch display to choose things like Youtube videos from the results shown.

Google Smart displays have the same functions that regular Google Home speakers offer. In addition the display of answers to your queries on the display and the options to ask for Youtube videos, the weather, recipes and so on.

You may also ask for the display of your Google Photos, and the display will show those that you request as a slideshow.

The 8 inch model has a .75" 10W Full Range Speaker and 2 passive radiators to give good clear sound, for better sound you may also add a Chromecast Audio dongle and connect that to your Hifi speakers. Then command the Smart Display to play music on your Hifi.

As with a regular Google Home speaker you can control more than 1500 connected smart devices which work with the Lenovo Google Assistant.

You may perform video calling using the Google Duo app to friends or family, the display supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

A pretty unique feature of the Lenovo Smart Displays is the fact you can disable the camera completely by using the physical shutter button that covers the camera lens when absolute privacy is required.

You can browse and find recipes or set cooking timers using voice and even add items to your shopping list and make purchases using Google Express from supported stores.

As with any Google Home device you can get answers to your queries from Google assistant, for example ask for the latest weather, your next flight, local traffic and many more.

You can watch videos directly on the display by asking Google by voice or by using chromecast from your phone.

For video calling you need to use Google Duo, the video camera uses 720p.

When using your voice to control things like lighting and thermostats you are also presented with a visual control of the device you are adjusting.

Ease of use: 9
Value for money: 9
Display: 8
Score: 8.7
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